ArtificialIntelligence Robot

If you believe there is a connection between past results in the Forex market and future trends of the currencies, then know that you have a robot that will help you implement a trading strategy that does exactly that.

ArtificialIntelligence robot for cAlgo monitors the market acknowledges the levels registered in the past, and puts orders based on trends it calculates will occur. To confirm the trends, the robot uses the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD).

MACD follows the trend that sees a connection between two MA. MACD results from subtracting the 26 days EMA from the 12 days EMA. The signal to sell or buy results from the 9 days EMA of the MACD.

How ArtificialIntelligence Forex bot works?

The robot identifies the patterns of the market, it determines a potential upturn or downturn based on them, and pairs it with the MACD. This uses the bearish signal that determines the moment to sell and the bullish to place an order to buy, as the price may go up. Moreover, MACD signals the robot the end of a trend and the robot places the reversed order.


  • FastMA – to determine the fast MA for MACD
  • SlowMA – to determine the slow MA for MACD
  • Step – sampling points
  • SL
  • Volume – to set the volumes for opening positions

ArtificialIntelligence robot for cAlgo got some good results in backtesting. One tip you will have to consider is that this robot allows you to change the optimization. Just click on the GA tab and pick the optimization method you deem appropriate.

ArtificialInteligence code

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