Black Corvette robot

Bollinger bands in Black Corvette robot

Want to know the future prices of currencies beforehand? cAlgo offers a robot that does exactly that while using a powerful indicator that will help you in your trading experience and protect you from price fluctuations.

Black Corvette Forex robot included Bollinger Bands indicator, using MA and deviation to offer a price range that will help the robot trade currencies. The Bollinger Bands will give signals to the robot in respect to the closing price:

  • Close long/open short – when close price is above top BB line
  • Close short/open buy – when close price is below bottom BB line


  • Platform: cAlgo
  • Standard Deviation
  • MAType
  • Volume
  • SL
  • TP
  • TradeType
  • Backtesting

cAlgo Black Corvette trading bot registered quite good results while backtested over a period of about three years. The most profit was reached with long positions. However, the biggest losses were made with the same position, albeit lower than the profits.

Both long and short positions had maximum nine consecutive wins in a row, while long had five losses in a row, and short, four losses in a row. With a starting capital of 1,000, the net profit set above 2,500.

Black Corvette FX bot works best with EUR/USD pairs, in M5 timeframe. However, since the testing period ended about two years ago, the best solution before you actually use it in your trading is to put it to the test, to see how it works with you input and with your broker. Check it out, punch in your data and see how much you can win if you let this robot trade for you.

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