Golden Dragon robot

Hull Moving Average

Consider a robot that uses polynomial regression coupled with a fast MA – Hull Moving Average. While this is a rather new and with room for improvement trading tool, it gained popularity as it goes along. So, let’s see how it works and why/if it can be a trading solution for those who want to trade with the support of robots.

Golden dragon robot for cAlgo uses Belkahayate PRC and Hull Moving Average. You will need to compile them, however, or the robot will not work properly. So, before you put it to work, you need to download, install, and include in the robot the two features.


Forex trading robot golden dragon includes quite a large number of parameters that helps you make a rather complex trading strategy. The major ones are displayed below, but a full description is available on the cAlgo platform.

  • COG Degree – polynomial regression
  • COG Period – bars to calculate the polynomial regression
  • COG Trade Biasing – to filter trades as per COG rising or falling
  • Hull Trade Biasing – filter trade as per HMA
  • Hull Period – HMA period
  • Long Trades – number of long positions opened at once
  • Short Trades – number of short positions opened at once
  • SL
  • Opening Lot Size – volume/trade
  • Trailing Stops
  • Money Management – increase lots depending on equity
  • Martingale Enabled

While this robot works with all timeframes, according to the developer’s tests, the best solution that brings most profit is the 5 to 15 minutes periods. What you need to keep in mind before deciding to use the golden dragon forex robot is that it is a tool still under development, and some features may work better than others. Test it to see if this is what you need.

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