Multiple Entries Robot

If you want to trade in small pips, to play it safe and protect yourself from big potential loss, you may want to check out a trading robot developed for the cAlgo platform, that you can get for free and start using as per your convenience.

Multiple Entries FX robot for cAlgo is such a robot that reduces exposure risk in case of market breakouts. This robot can be used for either long or short positions and uses the most common features that several robots come with.

Parameters of cAlgo Multiple Entries robot

  • SL – default at 5, minimal value at 1
  • TP – default at 100, minimal value at 0
  • Max Tries – default at 20, minimal value at 2
  • Go Long – default: true
  • Go Short – default: true
  • Volume
  • Increment Position Size x number of times – default: false
  • Increment Volume – default: 4
  • OCO Mode – default: false
  • Close Orders on bot Stop – default: true
  • Stop Orders
  • Close Bots on Stop

While this is a rather new robot, the developer constantly updates it to eliminate potential bugs or inconsistencies. So far Multiple Entries Forex bot for cAlgo went through more than two such updates, with improving results.

The robot allows you to trade small lots and identify potential significant changes in the market. Once this happens, the order is reversed, and thus, the robot protects your money from potential losses.

Since this is a developing bot, the best solution is to take it for a test. Put your numbers, set it as per your strategy and see how it does. If it is good, use it further in real trading.

Test results for Multiple Entry Robot

cAlgo Multiple Entries robot alternatives

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