News Trading Robot

News Robot trading model

If you want to trade news, but don’t really want to be stuck at your computer and follow the calendar, cAlgo found the perfect solution for you: a free robot that will follow the news, put orders, in short trade without you having to monitor it constantly.

News Robot is a news trading robot for cAlgo easy to install and put to work. First of all, let’s see how it works and what it features, and then we will offer a few tips and tricks to make it run as efficiently as possible and bring you the results the developers intended with this robot.


  • Platform: cAlgo
  • News Hours – to set the hour when the news is released
  • News Minute – to set the minute when the news is released
  • Seconds before – to set the moment before the news is released, for the robot to put pending orders
  • Seconds timeout – to set the moment after the news is released, for the robot to delete pending orders
  • One Cancels Other – if you want to delete one order when the other is filled, set it to “Yes”
  • TP
  • SL
  • Volume – to set the volume you want to trade

News Trading Robot for cAlgo Tips and tricks

If you don’t want to change time zone, note that the robot follows UTC+0 and not the broker server or the user time. Just make sure you take this into account when setting it up so that you don’t miss an event or a trade.

Being news based trading robot, it is actually up to you to determine what is relevant or not. It will follow the parameters you punched in and trade accordingly. So test it and see how good a strategy you came up with.

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