Payback trading robot

Do you want to win even if you have a negative trade? Even better, do you want a robot to do this for you? cAlgo platform offers such a robot that will hedge your trading and help you stay in the black even if the market takes a turn to the worst.

cAlgo payback robot is, basically, a hedging tool for your trading that allows you to play safely on the Forex market. It works rather simple: the robot creates two orders for the same pair, and even if one is negative, you win with the other.

Payback Trading Robot Features

  • Choose direction – this will let you set the start buy/sell, set the trading volume and the TakeProfit/StopLoss
  • Change direction – it changes the direction as soon as SL it reached
  • Start Automate – when set as true, it starts the cycle once TP is reached
  • Limit Order
  • Stop Order

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Tips for Payback cAlgo Robot

Payback robot for cAlgo works with the martingale strategy to help you make up for potential losses you may encounter. While this is a rather risky strategy, the traders seem to make the best of it and give some good reviews for it. Another important point is to pay attention to the volume of the trading and adjust TP and SL as per your leverage.

While this is a popular robot, payback Forex trading robot has its degree of risks due to the strategy it implements, namely the martingale. If you do not want to take chances, and just hedge trading, this is the robot for you, however.

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