Trend robot

If you are looking for a simple, straightforward robot that trades trends, cAlgo platform offers you such a solution. It is a robot that follows the Moving Averages and signals when to buy or sell, depending on the trends of the Forex market.

cAlgo trend trading robot will buy once the fast MA crosses the slow MA upwards, and will sell once the same happens, only downwards. When the opposite signal occurs, the robot will shot down the orders. Being a less sophisticated robot, it only allows one sell/buy order at a time.

Features of the Forex trend robot

  • Platform: cAlgo
  • MAType
  • SlowPeriods
  • FastPeriods
  • Volume
  • SlowMA
  • FastMA

The developer tested this robot with a 10,000 volume, over several days, trying to determine if the difference between selling and buying would turn up to be profitable. The most gain it got was of 95 pips, while the biggest loss was of only 2 pips.

Tips for Forex trend cAlgo robot

What you need to know with this robot is that it does not save the changes you will make, and they will not appear the second time you want to use it. So, if you were interested in using it again with the changes you made, you would need to make a copy with the duplicate command.

This trend Forex trading bot is, actually intended to be a sample trading, using cAlgo API, without having sophisticated indicators embedded or over the top strategies in the default settings. It is a mere example of how to use trends to create a robot that will trade for you.

Test results for Trend Robot

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