AfterEffects EA for MT4

EA Parameters

With the size of the Forex market and the winning potential it has, trading by taking advantage of historical data can be a good way to make money. And if you have a robot programmed to do just that, your work becomes even easier.

AfterEffect Expert Advisor is exactly this kind of an EA that focuses on the presence of memory in random sequences theorem. What is does is it bases future trading decisions on the analysis of past values.

How does AfterEffects EA for MT4 work?

MetaTrader 4 After Effects EA follows two specific areas of past data, makes the difference between the start value and the end value for each area. It results in two values, one for each area. Those are compared to one another and the EA determines the future price evolution for the specific area.


The robot includes three inputs:

  • Stop loss
  • Size of historic data
  • Randomness of the quotes

What you should know regarding the MT4 After Effects Robot inputs is that you will need to optimize them on the specific instrument you want to trade. Then, test the robot and, if necessary, re-optimize it.

And in case you think about using this EA with low timeframes, don’t. As per the tests already performed with the robot, the tool works best with timeframes bigger than H1. So, you will need to have from the very beginning a longer-term trading strategy for the EA to help you make money. Otherwise, it is proven you will only lose while trading in small timeframes.

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