Close at Profit Expert Advisor

close at profit expert advisor

Are you struggling, sometimes, to close all of your trades with a defined trading result? It is often possible to open more than one position on a single instrument, just because you wanted to hedge or for any other reason…Well, this is where Close at Profit Expert Advisor comes handy.

MetaTrader 4 Closing at Profit Expert Advisor Features

With this EA you can close all of the open and / or pending orders (depending on your choice) once a certain monetary gain or loss has been achieved. You can also select the symbols that will be affected by this EA.

So, you simply have to set a Profit or Loss value in digits. These sum is defined by your account currency. In other words, if you set Closing at Profit of 20, and your account is in USD, then the orders will be closed once you reached 20 USD of profit.

MT4 Close@Profit EA UseCase

How can you benefit from this EA? Imagine you are opening a bunch of trades. Some of those trades are used to your initial positions. Other trades are opened due to the correlation with your current portfolio. Some trades are triggered by various news. And now you see that you have absolutely no control over the situation. With Close@Profit Expert Advisor this isn’t a problem anymore. Once you selected the value, you can rest assured that the trades will be closed when the value is reached.

It is also a good tool for automated trading strategies that involve trading of a vast amount of pairs. This EA has been tested and reported to have an ability of closing 200 trades at once.

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