Combo Expert Advisor

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Test results

Thinking about using trends to make money on Forex market? Why not using an Expert Advisor on MT4 that you can teach to combine the basic trading system with the neural network.

Combo Expert Advisor for MT4 lets you do just that. The developers combined an automated trading system (ATS) with the neural network (NN), to combine trend trading with market reversals and come up with the optimal trading solution that not only makes money from trends but also protects your investment when the market turns.

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Working model of the Combo EA

First of all, you will need to “program” the MT4 Automated Trading System Combo

to work just like you want it to. So, you will need to optimize the basic trading system, in four stages, using the open prices only method embedded in the automated trading system.

  • Step one – optimizing the basic trading system
  • Step two – short positions perception
  • Step three – making the robot recognize perception for long positions
  • Step four – teaching perception layer one

If you follow the instructions the developers laid out for you, by then you would have programmed the neural network of the Combo Trading System EA. Another parameter included in this EA is the Magic Number that will prevent the robot from mistaking other orders with its own.

Once you punched in your numbers and optimized the EA, you may test it to see how well it works in the demo version, before putting it to work in the real market. Depending on its results, you can use it as such, you can also re-optimize it, and the developers recommend doing that (if necessary) on weekends, provided the results you get are now what you want.