Cycleidentifier-cyclops EA

Results of Cycleidentifier-cyclops test EUR/USD pair, M5

Imagine you could trade with a robot that follows market average, identifies potential overbought/oversold periods and market cycles. All these features are designed to help you get better results with the support of oscillators and follow a strategy that helps you buy and sell at just the right moment.

Features of the Cycleidentifier-cyclops EA

The EA works supports all major currency pairs, in all timeframes, although some may find it more profitable with the AUD (although this is not a rule). MT4 Cycleidentifier-cyclops EA is that robot and you can download it for free and works with all brokers that allow MT4 platform. This is a cycle/momentum indicator kind of robot.


  • StopLoss
  • TakeProfit
  • Lots
  • No TrailingStop options


  • Buy – long

The Cycleidentifier expert advisor will open a long position once the Identifier forms a low point with a green bullish bar and the momentum indicator is rising. As soon the signal goes the other way, the robot closes this position.

  • Sell – short

The robot will open a sell short position as soon as the cycle indicator forms a pick with a red bearish bar and the momentum indicator is going down. If the signal changes, the expert closes the position.

MetaTrader 4 Cycleidentifier-cyclops Expert Advisor performed well while tested with several currencies, including EUR/USD, and in any timeframes, but it looks like it gives interesting results in M15.

Since this is a very versatile robot, the best solution before starting to trade real money would be to test, see if it fits your trading needs and what are the best currency pairs for your trading. And if it doesn’t – pick up another robot from the table below!

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