Elite eFibo Trader EA

Candles in Fibonacci based EA

If you are one of those traders who swear by the Fibonacci strategy, but you don’t have the time to do your math, know that there is a robot on MT4 that can help you trade with precision and increase your winning chances.

Elite eFibo Trader Expert Advisor is a special type of robot, who, actually, lets you be hands-on with your transactions, but helps you increase your pips when you put it at work for you. Simply said, the EA maximizes you lot size but limits the risk to your initial size.

How does Elite eFibro Trader EA work?

A word of warning: this is not an EA that you install and let it trade for you. On the contrary, you need to decide when you turn it on: if you believe a currency pair will evolve one way, you start it, and MetaTrader 4 Elite eFibo EA makes the buy/sell multiplying your lot size. If the market goes against your theory, all you lose is your initial profit, not the multiplied lot.

Elite eFibro Robot Features

The Fibonacci based EA includes several orders that help you manage your money and increase the potential profits:

  • Openbuy
  • Opensell
  • StopLoss
  • TakeProfit
  • LotsLevel 1

Use the FX Elite eFibo Trader for MT4 when you identified a trend in the market for any currency pairs or when such a trend already exists and you want to better take advantage of it without risking losing big.

If you are not sure of the trends or you didn’t identify one, this is not a useful robot, as it can’t base its math on a specific evolution of the currency pairs. This is why you can always pick another robot from our table!

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