Fractal ZigZag EA

ZZF Parameters

Want to follow the ups and lows of the currency market and make money with the help of an Expert Advisor? Why not try the MetaTrader 4 ZigZag Expert Advisor and see how it fits your strategy or how good of a result it can bring you while trading any of the major currency pairs available.

This is an expert that compiles two major indicators: fractal and zigzag to determine future price moves and place an order accordingly. Thus, it identifies patterns to determine future changes, in large price oscillations, and it monitors the highest and lowest points of the quotes.

Features of the Fractal ZigZag EA

While the Fractal ZigZag advisor includes eight currencies, the developer shows best results from tests with EUR/USD and H4 timeframe. That is to say, you may try to use with other timeframes or currencies, but you may need to optimize it and backtest it again.

Due to the nature of the indicators used to set up this EA, best results were shown when trading long positions, while for short positions, the expert would, most likely, require some more optimization or pairing with additional indicators.

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Fractal ZigZag EA for MT4 Test results

As explained, the developer tested this EA in the EUR/USD, H4 timeframe, with over 8,000 bars, resulting in a profit factor of 1.18, after over 26,000 trades. That is a 62% of trades resulting in profit. As expected, the short positions brought no profit. This ZigZag EA for MT4 met 16 consecutive wins in the test and five consecutive losses.

While this expert performed well in the developer’s test, you will need to run your own tests to see how well it works with the pairs you choose or with the timeframe you believe to be best for your strategy.