FX Chaos Scalp Expert Advisor

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Test results

Think about taking advantage of the chaos theory and make money in the Forex market? MT4 offers you a free EA that does just that, basing its trading pattern on Bill Williams Chaos Theory.

Forex Chaos expert advisor works best with major pairs such as EUR/USD or GBP/USD. However, you should know that you could optimize this robot for any currency pairs or timeframe.

How does FX Chaos Scalp Expert Advisor work?

This Forex market chaos scalping EA doesn’t use the past trading results to predict

future trends, but instead uses three indicators:

  • Awesome Oscillator
  • ZZF
  • ZigZag – Fractals

With Awesome Oscillator, the robot will be able to measure the so-called momentum of the market, in order to anticipate trends, while the ZZF will show the daily trends, and the ZigZag – Fractals will show signals based on fractals and the zigzag indicator that follows the highest and lowest points of the chart.

FX Chaos Scalp Expert Advisor Features

You can use FX_Chaos_Scalp EA for MT4 with several timeframes, however, during several testing performed by various traders, the best results seen so far are with H1 and H4. The robot would not give optimal results with low timeframes, however.

This EA supports stop loss and take profit orders, but not trailing stop or lots.


In the MT4 market, you will be able to download the FX-AO, FX-CHAOS_SCALP, ZigZag-Fractals, and zzf. You can even download those from our pages, just read our review and press the download button.

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Once you include the indicators in your robot, do a test to determine how well they work and if the data you chose is, in fact, suited for this robot.