Multi Levels Trend EA for MT4

Trends on ML

You want to trade on Forex market but you are concerned with the changing trends? We may have the solution that will protect you from those moves and help you make money with the support of a robot that follows these trends.

Multi Levels Expert Advisor may be the solution to protect you from sudden pullbacks of the market, as it focuses on covering potential changes in trends, due to various factors, such as profit cash in by major traders.

Multi Levels Trend EA for MT4 Features

Multi Levels Trend Expert Advisor works within the MetaTrader 4 platform and it performs best when it is combined with support and resistance levels, moving average or Bollinger Bands.

Monitoring the moving average, the robot will open a Buy order once the indicators go up. It will close the position at take profit, should it follows the trend direction. If on the contrary, the market moves in the opposite direction, the robot will open another position, with the same lot size, only at -60 pips.

Once the market follows the trend direction, the EA will close both positions at take profit.

Parameters of the Multi Levels Trend EA

Multi Levels Trend MT4 EA works with several parameters, but the major ones are:

  •    Take profit
  •    Day timeframe
  •    Moving Average
  •    MaxTrade
  •    TradeType

According to the developer, the robot was, in fact, backtested for half a years, back in the second part of 2011 and it turned positive results. This is only a general indication. Of course, you should test this EA before actually using it, to determine how good it actually performs, or pick another robot from our table!

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