On the MaZi EA

Developer’s test on Mazi EA for EUR/USD, H4

If you think trading on the highs and lows of the market is the solution for you, and you checked the “On the MaZi” strategy but don’t really feel convinced you grasp the implementation tricks, then you may find a robot can come in handy and help you with your trading.

On the Mazi EA for MetaTrader 4 is a free robot, developed exactly for MT4 platform, meaning it can perform well with any broker using the MT4. While theoretically at least, it can support several pairs, the tests showed good results in EUR/USD.

How does MaZi EA work?

  • MA filtered
  • MA crossing closure
  • Cyclicity filtered
  • 24/5

The robot monitors the trend line, and once it reaches the breakthrough, the EA opens a position. When the trend line is drawn from the peak of the ZigZag indicator to the last two ones, this is the signal to buy. When the situation reverses, the robot gives a sell order.

Now, as this robot uses MA filtering, the buy order applies only if the price is higher than the averages, and the sell order applies when the price is lower than the MA.

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On the Mazi expert advisor you will find most of the common FX parameters:

  • StopLoss
  • TakeProfit
  • Breakeven
  • TrailingStop
  • ZZ indicator
  • MA period, method, price
  • Magic number

While MetaTrader 4 robot Mazi is a rather young robot, the tests the developers performed show promising results. However, before actually putting it to work, you need to test it and determine how well it can perform with your broker and your numbers.