Parallel Strategies EA

Multi-strategies EA

Imagine you can benefit from the moneymaking potential of all Forex trading strategies you believe to be good. All gathered in one single place, all automated and with higher winning potential.

This is a MetaTrader 4 Parallel Strategies EA and the code for it is available in the codebase section of the MQL site. This EA would use several strategies working in parallel.

Parallel Strategies EA Models

The expert advisor can support quite a large number of strategies, and you may use them as per your convenience. You can program the EA to run a single one of them, or several at once.

Among the featured strategies of this expert, the developer included:

  • Heiken
  • Heiken Ashi Color Change
  • MA Crossover
  • MACD
  • MACD Breakout

But these are not the only ones supported by this Parallel Strategies Expert Advisor. The developer sees at this expert more like a template for traders to include the trading solutions they feel best suited or to pair two or more, as per their own strategy.

Features of the Parallel Strategies Robot for MT4

Each of the strategies included in this robot uses its own features:

  • StopLoss
  • TakeProfit
  • TraillingStop
  • Entry/Exit Rules
  • TimetoTrade

Therefore, if you decide to use this robot, start slowly – try the demo account, see what strategy works better, see if the combination of those chosen by you is, indeed, successful, and then start trading with the MT4 Parallel Strategies.

Parallel Strategies EA Tips

We used this robot with four strategies, as recommended by the developer, all set to false: MACD breakout, Heiken, Heiken and MACD, and Cross. With timeframe M15, the results were influenced by market volatility, so this is not the timeframe for it. We did see better results with higher timeframes.

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