Trade-Arbitrage EA

Trading model

Do you want to trade on Forex market without any risk? Yes, this seems like an impossible job, but there is such a strategy that lets you make money by taking advantage of the inefficiencies of the pricing. And this is arbitrage.

Basically, it comes down to a bunch of buying and selling of specific currency pairs, so that you finally gain from the respective exchanges.

So, in order to take advantage of this slippage of pricing, you would need to calculate the differences. Here comes the role of MetaTrader 4 Trade-Arbitrage EA, an expert designed to open two opposite positions on specific currency pairs and hedge them.

Parameters of the Trade-Arbitrage EA

You have a lot of parameters at your disposal in this expert and you need to set them as per your needs, to optimize the results.

  •    Currencies – the ones you use for pairing
  •    Lots – volume for opening and closing positions

o   MaxLot/MinLot to punch in the limits allowed by the broker you trade with

  •    MinPips – minimal difference in points
  •    Slippage – slippage limit allowed by broker

While this expert promises quite a lot in terms of protecting your investments, you can’t check Trade-Arbitrage MT4 Expert Advisor in strategy tester, as it compiles several currencies.

How does Trade-Arbitrage EA for MT4 work?

The expert searches for the cases when the bidding is higher than the asking and opens positions. Thus, it will create a field called arbitragestatistic.txt, showing the arbitrage cases by frequency. Then it will add the data in the arbitrage.txt. The trading pairs are defined in the trade-arbitrage.txt file. Finally, you can find the hedge performed by Trade Arbitrage for MetaTrader 4 in the check my arbitrage tab.

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