Exp_Fast2 EA

Trading results

If you follow the Fast2 indicator on FX in your trading strategy or consider using a good market monitoring indicator to know when to buy or sell, why don’t considering an expert advisor that will implement the same strategy for you, without having to constantly look up the market and take trading decisions for yourself?

Exp_Fast2 expert advisor is such a robot that you can get for free on the MT5 platform. In order to make it run, you will, first, need to download Fast2.ex5 and place it in the terminal data folder, under the MQL5 indicators.

Brokers characteristics

However, before actually thinking about getting this robot, you will need to check some facts first. And the most important is the tools your broker allows you to use. Namely, if it offers:

  • Nonzero spread
  • Position open with TP and SL

Inputs of the Exp_Fast2

The developers inserted a series of parameters in the MT5 Exp_Fast2 EA (SL, TP, BuyPosOpen, BuyPosClose, SellPosClose), but you will be able to choose others as well, depending on your strategy.

What Exp_Fast2 robot for MetaTrader 5 does?

So, once downloaded and set for trading, this robot will get alerts from the Fast2 indicator each time the signal lines intersect. The indicator analyses the last three bars and shows a diagram of the trading history with two lines for signaling.

The developers tested this Expert advisor Exp_Fast2 for MT5 with GBP/JPY pair in H8, getting results between 4479% and 8552%. However, this testing was done about two years ago, and results may vary at present times.

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