Lines crossover EA

Trading results

If you use MACD indicator in your trading strategy on Forex market, know that MT5 offers you a good solution to create a robot that will do the trading for your and monitors the market in a constant and without fault manner.

Macd lines expert advisor uses signals derived from crossing the MACD lines in a strategy named signals based on the crossover of main and signal MACD lines. This EA is easily created with the help of the MQL5 wizard. Just follow the instructions in the Expert Advisor set up.

How does Lines crossover EA work?

MACD indicator is the difference between the fast EMA and the slow EMA and it produces the signal line from the main line and periodsignal. Therefore, the robot gets the trading signals:

  • Buy – upward MACD indicator
  • Sell – downward MACD indicator

This crossover of MACD lines EA uses the strategy implemented from MQL5 Library, that you will find checking the trading strategy classes. The developers tested it in H1, with EUR/USD currency pairs and the following indicators:

  • Inp_Signal_MACD-PeriodFast = 12
  • Inp_Signal_MACD_PeridSlow = 24

Open long

ExtStateMACD(1) = 1 to show the MACD line signal was crossed by the main line upwards

Close long

ExtStateMACD(1) = 1 to show the MACD line signal was crossed by the main line downwards

This MACD based expert advisor significant results while tested, with values between 2730% and 5043%. However, this was for a specific currency pair and timeframe. If you think about using other pairings, you will need to test it first, and see how it does with your inputs.

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