Multik EA

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Testing results

Ever looked for an EA that includes several trading instruments at the same time to increase your opportunities, and better monitor the market seeking just the right moment to place an order?

MT5 features such a solution with the Multik Expert advisor. While it does use a number of instruments, this robot is designed for two currency pairs daily bars: EUR/USD and GBP/USD. It uses the Moving Average indicator to determine prices over a period of time, more specifically, the increase or decrease of the prices.

Parameters for Multik trading robot

  • Symbol
  • Trade
  • Moving average period
  • Price applied
  • MA method
  • SL
  • TP
  • Volumes
  • Slippage

This robot’s tests were quite encouraging, reaching between 163% and 2593%. The EA gets 100% profit both for long and for short trades, with an average of four consecutive wins.

MetaTrader 5 Multik EA is a rather easy to use a robot, but in order to see its results, you should take it for a test.

Use case

We found that this robot offers better results with the short positions, rather than with long, with a rate of winning of 77% for short (seven out of nine), as opposed to the total rate of winning for long, which stood at about 36% (four out of 11). Over the testing period, we found best results in May, with almost 1,000 pips in best trade, while the worst trade was at -121.

So, the overall result was good, but it depends on the currencies you choose and the trading system. If you don’t like it, pick the other robot here:

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