Puria method EA

Trading results based on Puria method

Imagine a trading strategy that lets you win 50 points each day, but without the need to constantly monitor the Forex market. For such a strategy, the MT5 platform has a robot available that will significantly improve your trading record.

Puria method trading advisor for MT5 is this EA that you can get for free from the platform but in order to bring those much-praised results, you will need to compile it and set it based on a few data related to Moving Averages.

MA set up

The developers use three MA levels, linked to the timeframe H1 or M30: MA1 (period 85, method linear weighted for Low, red), MA2 (75/linear weighted, for Low, red), MA3 (5/exponential for Close, blue). Besides this, the MACD should be set at Fast EMA 15, Slow EMA 26 and SMA 1.


As we said, developers use two distinct timeframes for this Puria method expert advisor: H1 or M30, linked to selected currency pairs, to get best results.


  • AUD/JPY –TP 15
  • USD/JPY – TP 15
  • GBP/USD – TP 20
  • USD/CHF – TP 10
  • AUD/USD – TP 10
  • EUR/JPY – TP 15
  • CAD/JPY – TP 20
  • EUR/USD – TP 15


  • NZD/USD – TP 25
  • USD/CAD – TP 20
  • EUR/GBP – TP 10
  • EUR/CHF – TP 15
  • CHF/JPY – TP 15

How Puria Method EA works

  • Buy: blue MA crosses upward two red MAs, with MACD confirmation – bar above 0
  • Sell: blue MA crosses downward two red Mas, with MACD confirmation – bar below 0

You will need to set the TP limit depending on the currency pair you choose, as per the above specifications.

Should you include the data as per the Expert advisor based on Puria strategy specifications, your EA will get the results presented by the developers. Test it, and let it work for you.

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